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Exclusive E-commerce Services

Other merch services have a system where you design a product, throw it on the site, and hope it sells. That’s the end of it. Absolutely nothing is going on in the back end of the website to help sell products and keep your customers excited about your brand.

 Gaffir does things differently. Putting your products on the site is just the beginning. Once the store has products we will work day and night to help convert potential buyers, and to turn your fans into repeat customers. By working with Gaffir you automatically plug-in to our exclusive selling services and techniques, (that would normally cost thousands of dollars a month to create and maintain) some of which include... 

Sale Recovery

We are proactive in turning would-be buyers into actual customers. We have a privately owned call center that will contact (either call or text) every person that abandons their shopping cart. Using one on one interactions with actual people, we are able to boost the cart recovery rate from the average 7%, to up to 70% abandoned cart recovery rate.

Email Campaign

We create custom email campaigns to promote new products and keep existing customers up to date on everything that goes on with your brand.

Privately Owned Call Center

Customers are bound to have questions. They are also very unlikely to make a purchase until those questions are answered. But who has time to constantly be answering retail questions all day? We have you covered with our privately owned call center at your disposal to answer your customers questions and close sales. Our call center is located in Jamaica where english is the native language. There will be no language or culture barrier while providing customer service.


We create post purchase upsell campaigns. Once a purchase is made we will present the buyer with other similar products at a discount that they can purchase with just one simple click. This will greatly boost the average value and result in more revenue for you with zero hassle on your end.

Branding & Design

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We offer free branding and design work for those who are just getting started, or want to revamp their look. Normally a full branding package start around $15,000, because we are confident in our E-commerce abilities and in your ability to keep creating high quality content, we are able to offer these valuable services at no cost to you.  

Branding Services 

  • Brand consulting (done over the phone) 
  • Logo Design 
  • Brand/Design GuideCustom 
  • Merch storefront through Gaffir platform 
  • Merch DesignProduct Planning

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Talk with one of the Gaffir founders to see how we can help you create merch, grow your fanbase and make some money.